Below are some free PDFs of my designs for you to print and color.  Click on each picture for a Google Drive link to the PDF.  As a thank you to me, please consider uploading photographs of your coloring to our big gallery , using the lavender form on this page.  Visit my online shop for more digital downloads as well as physical books. <3 Claire 


These same heart themed designs can also be found in my digital coloring game you can color right in your browser.  

Infinity symbol for neurodiversity and autism, encircling a heart

Two cats sleeping on a blanket, making a heart shape with their bodies.

White anatomical heart with black background of geometric circles

Drawing of three hot air balloons flying above a forest at night. The middle balloon is shaped like a heart.


Each page of illustrations is themed around a single color.  For example, the red page has cherries, a ladybug, and the planet Mars.  Check out my digital Rainbow Game to color these on your device! 


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