About Me

Hello! I’m Claire Jamison, an artist, teacher, plant mama, cat lady, and Swiftie.  I started Color The Heart 4 years ago to share my art and to challenge other people to create too!  I create physical and digital coloring books/activity books, host art workshops in Los Angeles, and do graphic design commissions.  To collaborate or just say hi you can find me at @colortheheart on Instagram, or email me at colortheheart@gmail.com. If you post your colored in versions of my designs on social media I encourage you to tag @colortheheart so others can find me and so that I can admire your work! 

Check out my side project create4warren.com, a partnership with the grassroots Artists With Elizabeth Warren group!  #DreamBigFightHard #b7e4cf 🙂 

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